Romba - Film & Photography

Telling the Recent Story of Past Realities


The project was born in Portugal out of a social concern: loneliness among elderly, specially in nursing home care.

By valuing their memories and knowledge, we collect life testimonials of how life used to be decades ago. They become sources of knowledge. History. The youngsters collect the experiences of the elderly, in a truly inter generational exchange.

All films and stories collected are available online, by topic, location and person, at

The life of a shepherd

Interview to a shepherd in Northern Portugal.

Photography by João Romba and music by Hugo Morango

The art of making clothes

The oldest couple producing clothes, in Miuzela.

Music by Júlio Resende.

Smuggling in the 50’s

Life stories of a smuggler and his dangerous adventures to escape from the Portuguese and Spanish police.

1 man, 1000 stories

Eurico is a man of endless stories to share. He unfolds the story of the Coa river valley, from pre-historical times to yesterday.

Coa nos Lares

Series of cultural events in retirement houses, to promote social cohesion and halt solitude.