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João Romba

Joao Romba

Photographer, Cameraman, Editor – Romba is the heart of our team (and he even pilots the drone!).

João sees beauty where a common mortal would find no interest. Try give him a camera before starting a hike and you better be ready to walk alone more than half of it, as he would stop every 5 minutes to capture that wonderful bird or this incredible frame.

Indeed, being born and raised in a small countryside village might give you a different perspective. And for Joao this meant learning the value of simplicity – that you can found in its play of shapes and contrasts.

Portraying authentic people was his motivation to change Mértola by Lisbon and study professional photography. He worked for a newspaper as photojournalist, photographed in several events, and made product photography. Later, while teaching Photography, he engaged with several projects for nature conservation.

Curious and deeply tuned into social portrait, João joined the Memory Archive, where he would go to retirement houses to film unique memories, narrated in first person. Since then, he could no longer abandon filming and lately has been working with regions to produce touristic promotional films.

And if he enjoys seeing beyond, imagine what he can do when his drone is flying high above the sky…

Uff, where to start? You can find him on Vimeo, DroprFacebook or Youtube. Or simply call him: +49 167 576 929 67 / +351 968 759 060

Eduardo Realinho

eduardo realinho2

Realinho is our specialist in Wildlife Photography & Film, and he probably has the best office ever: a nature reserve.

If it wasn’t is passion for wildlife, he would have never graduated in Biology. Luckily he did. The endless hours he spent in the field monitoring the big birds of prey gave him a unique characteristic: the perseverance to wait for the right moment.

Eduardo works has a conservation biologist and he probably has the best office ever: a nature reserve. With his scientific background and a keen curiosity in photography, he started capturing the wildlife he daily met.

Realinho collaborates in nature-related projects and environmental educational films, and lately has been photographing in social events, “a new ecosystem to discover”, he would say.

Well, better put on your boots and go outside. But if you’re feeling lazy, just drop him a line on facebook.

Bárbara Pais

Barbara 6

Bárbara is our Visual Story-Teller: she writes our scripts, gives an awesome look to our work and even goes outside to film & photograph.

Bárbara enjoys finding the unseen link: between people, ideas and words. Naturally communicative, she gives words to our images and creates the invisible narratives in our films.

The years of experience in marketing & communications gave her the ability to write content ideas adapted to our costumers’ needs. However, writing was not enough (and the painting skills yet-to-be-seen), so she started looking for new ways of communicating.

Image was the tool she was looking for: the one that enables understanding beyond linguistics. Nowadays, in between her scripts and communication activities, she enjoys portraying moments – those that one thousand words would never be enough.

Most probably over the yogamat, but also on linkedin or facebook (after strecthing).

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Light and shade. Shape. Capturing instances of life. Places, faces, emotions.

Our approach to photography is naked and simple. But powerful in meaning.

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powerful visual stories

Film is the best promotion tool of nowadays. How you introduce yourself and your products is a fundamental condition for prosperity.

We develop corporate promotional film for regions, organisations and NGOs and give the best look to products.


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After all, what can better tell the story of your special day than a Film?

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