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Swinging in Regensburg

A short story about the Lindy Hop community in Regensburg! Since Anni and Sebastian founded the, the community is growing everyday, with beginners giving their first swing steps and dancers getting pro. “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”

Photo Exhibition in Regensburg

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Capturing the essence of human nature
Creating unique memories

Promoting amazing places
Raise environmental awareness

Our team

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Passionate, disruptive, professional.

What our clients say

“Before being a photographer, João Romba is a natural observer, sensible to the details and to the changes that surround him. In the projects he developed for the Archaeological Park and Côa Museum, he wisely captured the essence of the landscapes, communities and heritage, with a prevailing rigor and transversality. His contibution to enhance the Image of the Côa Valley is highly regognised.”

Jorge Sampaio, Director of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park and Côa Musem

“João Romba has, on the several work commissioned by ATN, delivered a video and photography artwork of great quality. Romba will always be considered for any image work that is requested for our projects, as I am sure about the excellent quality of it’s visual material.”

Pedro Prata, Coordinator of ATN (Associação Transumância e Natureza)

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